A Little About Me

I am a twenty-something writer and administrative assistant from Oregon, USA, with a B.A in Spanish and linguistics, and an abandoned B.S in chemistry. I use my knowledge of chemistry and biology to write on skincare ingredients, brands, and beauty products.

I have been a skincare fanatic for a decade, and I write on the efficacy of skincare products so that you can save your money instead of purchasing costly and potentially ineffective products.

The beauty and skincare industry has always been one of the largest, but more recently skincare brands, ingredients, and products have experienced a boom, and there are more products on the market than ever. It can be overwhelming to sort through all of products and information that we have access to while also trying to be more conscientious consumers. My goal with this blog is to review brands, products, and educate on skincare with concise and easily digestible articles and resources.

If this sounds like something you’d like to read, please feel free to subscribe! I’d love to have you here.

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