Welcome to Books in the Attic Blog

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Welcome, here on this blog we love all things skincare and beauty.

A little about me.

I’m a twenty-something writer based in Oregon, USA, who received my Bachelor of Arts in Spanish with a minor in linguistics after abandoning my chemistry degree my senior year. This left me with all my chemistry and biology textbooks – and knowledge – in my proverbial attic, and now I’ve turned all this information on my second love of beauty and skincare.

Beauty and skincare is the main focus of the blog, but I do also write on topics like finance. I believe financial well-being is dependent on overall wellness, and is therefore unavoidable when discussing beauty and health.

While my second love is skincare, my first love is storytelling. I write fiction as a hobby and hope to have my stories told and published sometime in my lifetime.

I hope you enjoy, and if this sounds like content you would like to support, please consider subscribing. Happy reading!

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